Sunday, March 17, 2013

How to backup content database in SharePoint 2010?

Regular backup of content database reduces the chance of data loss that might happen in case of disaster. Backup also ensure that all the data will be available for recovery in the event of disaster. There are three ways to backup a content database. Here I am describing all the three methods.

Note: Only one content database can be backed up at a time.

Before backup, create a folder for storing the backup on your local computer and then move it to network folder.

Backup using Windows PowerShell
  1. Go to Start-> All Programs-> MS SharePoint 2010 Products.
  2. Now click Sharepoint 2010 Management Shell.
  3. Type below command on Windows PowerShell command prompt
Backup-SPFarm -Directory    -BackupMethod {Full | Differential} -Item [-Verbose]

Backup using Central Administration
  1. On the home page of Central Administration, go to Backup and Restore-> Perform a backup.
  2. Now select Component to backup page and choose the database that you want to backup.
  3. Click Next.
  4. Go to Backup Type section-> Backup Option page-> Full or Differential backup (choose one).
  5. Go to Backup File location section, give the path of backup folder and click Start Backup.

Backup using SQL Server tools
  1. Only the member of SQL Server db_backupoperator can perform this backup operation.
  2. First open SQL Server Management Studio and connect it with server.
  3. Go to Object Explorer-> expand Databases.
  4. Right click your database (that you want to backup)-> Task-> Backup.
  5. Now in the Backup database, go to Source Area and select which type of backup operation you want to perform.
  6. Go to Backup Component-> Database.
  7. Give the name for the backup.
  8. You can also set expiration date for your backup. By default it is set to 0.
  9. In the Destination, specify the location where you want to store the backup and click Ok.

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