Thursday, April 4, 2013

Go Yammer with MS SharePoint 2013

Microsoft has brought some great social networking features along with new SharePoint 2013 and now there will be one more update in social feature of SP 13 i.e Yammer. Recently Microsoft has reveled the news of integration of Yammer (enterprise social network service) with SP 13. Yammer was bought by Microsoft for $ 1.2 billion in June 2012. Microsoft has said that it will update the SharePoint newsfeed link feature with Yammer soon. Most of you might not know about Yammer. Here you will find some help about Yammer.

What is Yammer?
Yammer is used for social networking purpose just like Facebook and Twitter but it is specially designed for company collaboration, knowledge exchange etc. The main difference between Yammer and other social networking sites is that in Yammer only those people that are in your network can see and take part in any activity that is going on in your network. You can access Yammer from anywhere and stay connected with your team member and exchange data.

Confusion: Yammer or Newsfeed?
Almost every SP 13 user is asking this question, “What should I use for social networking now, Newsfeed or Yammer? The Microsoft expert has answered this question by saying “Go Yammer”. Consider some of the benefits that Yammer has brought:
  1. Yammer works really well on mobiles as it supports apps for iOS, Window devices and Android.
  2. Provides great social experience.
  3. Very fast in searching information.
  4. Company wide collaboration.
  5. It has anywhere access be it mobile, tablet, SharePoint apps or tablets.
Microsoft will also provide the proper guide for replacing the newsfeed with Yammer. Yammer is the future and it will provide you the best user experience ever said by SharePoint team.

Freedom of choosing
Not everybody wants to go for Yammer. There are organizations who might not feel comfortable working with Yammer. Therefore Microsoft will be giving the option of choosing which tool they want to use.

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