Thursday, March 14, 2013

6 Things that you might not be aware about SharePoint

MS SharePoint is a complex piece of software that has thousands of amazing features and it is almost impossible to know each and every bit of it. So here are some aspects of SharePoint that you may not be aware about:

  1. SharePoint is free: Everybody out there might not be aware of this fact that MS SharePoint Foundation version comes free. Yes you heard it Right! It is absolutely free. No doubt free versions have some limitations but it is good for beginners. It is also good for IT companies with small budget. Low budget companies should try their hands at it. Once they mastered the free version then they can go for the paid one that has more advanced features.
  2. Work offline: You can access your SharePoint documents and files even also when you are offline. This is possible with the help of SharePoint Workspace. It is a client side application that helps in synchronizing offline and online contents.
  3. Access SharePoint with your smart phone: In today’s environment user want quick access of his information. Therefore Microsoft has provided SharePoint facility on smart phone also. User can now access his SharePoint information on his smart phone by just typing web site url directly. Moreover Sharepoint pages are now optimized for mobiles.
  4. SharePoint is easy to use: SharePoint has integration with familiar Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other products of Microsoft. So no training is required in using SharePoint. Software should be easy to use even for a novice user otherwise no one will buy it regardless of its amazing features.
  5. Alerts: Most users do not pay attention to alert feature of SharePoint. Alert messages are used to notify or update a user about the latest activity on SharePoint. User can easily subscribe to email or text alerts to get the latest updates.
  6. Collaboration: One of the amazing features of SharePoint is that it allow user to work simultaneously on Presentation or Word document. It saves lot of time.

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