Sunday, March 10, 2013

How social networking has improved in SharePoint 2013?

Microsoft has done a brilliant job by enhancing SharePoint social networking features. SharePoint 2013 is completely a social animal. There are other features also that have improved in SharePoint 13 but major changes are in social networking. So today I am going to highlight new and improved social features of SharePoint 2013.

Improvement in MySite: The one standard feature in SharePoint is MySite which is just like Facebook. In this user can create his profile and also share any information publicly. In SharePoint 2013 this MySite feature has been improved. Following features of MySite are improved:

  • Newsfeed: Using this feature you can stay upto date by following people, sites, document etc. You can see the activities of the people that you are following. Also you can like other people profiles and activities. Just like Facebook you can set your newsfeed status and one major improvement is that you can connect with people via tags like '@' and '#'.
  • SkyDrive Pro: SkyDrive Pro is a new feature of SharePoint 2013, earlier it was SkyDrive in SP 10. With SkyDrive Pro it becomes much easier to share documents. You can also sync your documents to your desktop so that even if you are in some remote location you still can access your documents with just one click.
  • Tasks: The Task feature is much improved in SP 13 because now all the tasks that are assigned to you are stored at one single place.
  • About Me: This feature is much simpler in SP 13. It contains user information.
  • Architecture: In SP 13 all the activities of user is controlled by privacy settings of user profile.
  • User Profile: User profile settings become much simpler in SP 13. You can easily set your profile visibility to 'Only Me' and 'Everyone' without doing complex visibility changes as in SP 10.

Community Site: Community site is just like forums where people can discuss topics of common interest. It is also there is SP 10 but in SP 13 this feature is improved. Firstly there is improvement in site template, second there is addition of category that allow you to choose category of discussion. Two more additions are also there one is Community members and another is Badges. Using this feature people can post questions, video, images, specify category, use hash tag, chooses best reply etc.

Workflow: Workflow is much more improved in SharePoint 13. There is lot of improvement in terms of scalability and stability in Workflow. In SP 13 Workflow use 'Windows Azure Workflows', whereas in SP 10 it works on 'Windows Workflow Foundation 3.5'. Workflow feature enhancement includes Elastic scale, tracking and monitoring, managed service reliability and many more.

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