Thursday, August 30, 2012

How to Fix Corrupt/Damaged Files in FileMaker

Before going to fix corrupt or damaged FileMaker files, we need to analyze the causes for corruption. Most possible cause for the corruption is unexpected application termination. As we know that FileMaker pro is a disk based database application, so instead of loading entire database it load only those file which is required for the operation and transfer data as needed from the hard drive to the RAM. So corruption problem may also occur during files are in between hard drive updates.

Resolution: There are 5 possible resolution methods available to fix corrupt FileMaker files.
  1. Try Save as compacted copy
  2. Try Recover Command
  3. Try to Reestablish indexes
  4. Try to Restore from Backup
  5. Try 3rd Party FileMaker recovery Application
Try Save as Compacted Copy: It is the easiest and most effective resolution fix for the most of the cases; it will copy all the data as rebuild tree structure for the database. Follow below steps to perform this:
  • Open the file from your FileMaker database
  • Go-to the File menu and select “Save a copy as
  • Now select Compacted copy
  • Test your file
Try Recover Command: It is another method to fix after the “Save as compacted copy” and skip all bad blocks of the information. In some cases, it removes the damaged records for proper functioning of the database. Follow below steps to perform this:
  • If File is still closed then open it.
  • Go-to the File menu and select “Recover
  • Now Select your corrupt/damaged file and click on the Open button
  • Test your file
Try to Reestablish Indexes: It will fix all the relational related issue in your database. To do this follow below steps:
  • Open your file and click on the File menu
  • Go-to the Manage section and Select your database
  • At last test your file
Try to Restore from Backup: If you have updated database backup just before the corruption then restore your database from backup. In case, unavailability of updated database backup, you will be lose the data from the last time when you backed up.

Try 3rd Party FileMaker Recovery Application: At last when you don’t find any success with any of the above methods, then you don’t have any other option to repair your database except to try Stellar Phoenix FileMaker recovery application. Software supports recovery of FileMaker versions 7.x to 11.x and repair FileMaker database in worst conditions. 

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