Wednesday, August 29, 2012

How to Fix QuickBooks Error 6176?

Are you getting bellow error message when you try to open or create a new company file from your QuickBooks?

QuickBooks was unable to communicate with the computer where the company file is located...(-6176,0)
Error -6176, QuickBooks cannot get the network address of the server

Cause: The above error messages can appear due to several reasons like virus attack, hardware failure, wrong location for QuickBooks company file and many more.

Solutions to Resolve: There are four recommended solution for above error message. You may resolve the error messages by using only one solution or you may need to perform all five and the solutions are.....

  1. Fix Virus Issue: The above error message may occur due to virus attack; so update your anti-virus software and perform a full scan on your computer. It may fix your problem.
  1. Move Your Company File to another Computer: If there is no virus on your computer then copy your company file to another computer and try to open it from here.
Note: If you are able to open your company file on another computer that means you first computer has some problem so connect with your IT support team for windows repair of first computer. If you have got same error messages on the second computer that means your QuickBooks company file has been corrupted. To repair corrupt QuickBooks company file try solution 3.
  1. Try QuickBooks Company File & Connection Diagnostic Tool: Intuit offers QuickBooks company file diagnostic tool & QuickBooks connection diagnostic tool to fix any type of integrity or network issue in your QuickBooks. You have to download these tools for use.
If QuickBooks company file diagnostic tool detects damage data in your company file then restore company file from recent backup. In case, there is no any recent backup of company file then download 3rd party QuickBooks recovery tool to repair corrupt QuickBooks file.

If QuickBooks Company file diagnostic tool does not detect any damage data then download QuickBooks connection diagnostic tool to fix any network related issue and try to open your company file.
  1. Repair Your QuickBooks Installation: If you have tried above three solutions and error messages still persist then try to repair your QuickBooks installation. If still unable to open then it is recommended to un-install & reinstall your QuickBooks installation.

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