Thursday, September 8, 2011

How to resolve SharePoint Search Error?

Are you getting bellow error message in windows sharepoint services 3.0?

Your search cannot be completed because of a service error.
Try your search again or contact your administrator for more information.

When you open application log on windows sharepoint services 3.0 then got following message descriptions:

Event Type:                 Error
Event Source:             Windows SharePoint Services 3 Search
Event Category:          Gatherer
Event ID:                     2424
Date:                           26/08/2011
Time:                          10:22:30 AM
User:                           N/A
Computer:                 YourCompuetrName
Description:              The update cannot be started because the content sources cannot be accessed. Fix the errors and try the update again.
Context:                    Application 'Search', Catalog 'index file on the search server Search'

Cause for Error: Above error message generates when service account for the windows sharepoint services search service is configured to use the network service account.

How to Fix: A database administrator can resolve above error message in a non SBS environment by using a configurable account for sharepoint search service account. To do this for sharepoint server recovery follow the given below steps:
  • Login to the windows sharepoint services 3.0 from an admin account.
  • Click on Start Button and goto administrative tools.
  • Click on sharepoint 3.0 central administration.
  • From central administration page, click on operations.
  • Goto the services and click on the windows sharepoint services search.
  • Goto configure windows sharepoint services search service settings on server: servername page and click on configurable.
  • Place a valid user id and password that has permission to access windows sharepoint services 3.0.
  • Press OK and done.

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