Monday, August 22, 2011

How to handle Error ORA-03113 in Oracle Database?

Oracle database sends an error message ORA_03113 when it found some network problem between client software and oracle server. This error message could not by the SQL*Net. 

Possible causes: ORA-03113 error message may be occur due to several reasons. The most possible reasons are:
  • Oracle server machine crashed.
  • Your server process was died at the operating system level.
  • Some network problems.
  • Oracle database internal problem.
  • Client handles multiple connection incorrectly.
  • And many more.
All the connection between client software and oracle server are created and managed by the oracle networking. It is a two connection between the client and server. After the completion of the connection, the above error message may be occur due to connection between client and server may be no longer available. 

How to Resolve: A database administrator can fix the above error message by following the below steps:

Fix Oracle server error: If the above error message occurs after the completion of connection then it is a database server problem. In such circumstances, you can see the alert log and connect to the oracle database support team.

Fix Networking server error: This happens when server is not able to response client. It can be occurs due to lack of memory on the server machine or host operating system problem. In such circumstances restart listener using host operating system.
Fix Network connection failure error:This happens when connection through network protocol is no longer available. In such circumstances you can contact your network administrator or can change used protocol.

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