Friday, September 9, 2011

How to fix import error in filemaker database

Filemaker is a cross platform relation database developed by filemaker industry. It offers very advanced graphical user interface that allow database administrator to modify database by dragging new element into the layouts, forms and screens. It also offers a facility for exporting and importing a database into a word file or excel sheet that helps users to maintain the filemaker database.

Let consider a scenario, wherein a database administrator is trying to import a filemaker database into a excel sheet and got an error message…

FileMaker Pro Error: Object not found

Cause for error: when a database administrator tries to import a filemaker database into excel sheet by below methods then above error message will be appear.

Click on the data menu and then click on get external data.
Database administrator select import from filemaker pro database.

Resolution: For filemaker pro recovery, export a file in filemaker pro database as a text file and use this text file in excel sheet. A database administrator can perform this operation by following the follow steps:

Go to the filemaker pro and open the filemaker pro database that you want to import.
  • Go to the file menu and click on the export records.
  • An export records to files dialog box will be appear.
  • Choose tab-separated text or comma-separated text.
  • Put your file name and click on save button.
  • Go to the specify field order for export dialog box.
  • Choose individual field under current file and move or select all and export.
  • Open the save text file in excel sheet and use this file as a filemaker database source.

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