Tuesday, July 19, 2011

How to fix corruption in Master database of SQL server 2000?

Master database is the backbone of SQL server database. It is also known as system database. The file extension for the master database is .MDF. It is not necessary to used .MDF as a file extension for the master database but Microsoft suggest used .MDF as a file extension for the user better understanding. Without master database SQL server does not start. Sometimes master database gets corrupted by the several reasons like meta data structure corruption, virus attach, power failure, hardware problem and many more. At this situation a database administrator is unable to start the SQL server. To start SQL Server database, you will have to restore or repair master database. If you have updated backup of SQL server data files then restore it from backup. If not, then use any advanced third party SQL server recovery software to repair corrupt mdf file.

A database administrator has three options to fix the corruption in master database.
  1. Restore from backup
  2. Rebuild master database
  3. Try any third party recovery software for mdf
Restore from Backup: If you have maintain the backup of master database then restore the corrupt master database and fix the problem. If you don't have backup then go with second option.

Rebuild Master Database: MS SQL server 2000 has an utility to rebuild master database i.e. rebuilddm.exe. It rebuilds the master database in case of emergency. To build the master database follow the following steps:
  • Shutdown the sql server database
  • Run rebuilddm.exe from the window command promote
  • Go to Rebuild master and click browse
  • Select network directory and click OK
  • Go to the collation setting and verify the change in master database.
  • Click rebuild button in the rebuild master dialog box
  • Start the process
Note: Now you have a new master database. Set the database in emergency mode and attach the new master database to start the SQL server 2000 database.

Try any third party recovery software for mdf: If you are  unable to rebuild the master database by second option, then you have another option i.e. third party recovery software for mdf. Most of the third party recovery software is advanced in nature and restore corrupt mdf file in safe location without touching the corrupt database.

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