Friday, November 16, 2012

What are the different types of backup in MySQL?

If you store all your important information in a database then you also want to protect your data in case of disaster. Therefore you should backup your database regularly or weekly depending upon your database needs. In MySQL, different types of backup strategies are available; you can choose the one that suits your database. In this article, I will tell you about the different type of backups.
  1. Hot backup: You can perform hot backup even when you are working on your database. It does not interfere with the normal database operation. A hot backup will include all the data that you will insert or update in your database while backup is running. In simple words hot backup captures every last change performed in database.
  2. Cold backup: Cold backup is taken when database is not in use and it is appropriate for small database.
  3. Warm Backup: Warm Backup can be taken even when database is in use but it interferes with some operations of database. It may also put your database in read only mode.
  4. Incremental Backup: It backups only the data that have changed since last backup. Incremental backups are faster to perform and also take less storage space.
  5. Full Backup: It captures the entire database at one go. Full backup are slower than incremental backups and also take more space.
  6. Partial Backup: As the name suggest, it backups some or partial data of database. It basically captures the differences since your previous full backup.
  7. Physical Backup: It backups all the actual or physical files that belongs to database.
  8. Logical backup: It does not backup actual data files instead reproduces the structure of data.

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