Friday, July 13, 2012

Are you facing Performance Issue with Access 2007 Database?

I have found many questions on the forums sites or question & answers sites regarding Access 2007 database performance issue, e.g. How to speed up Access 2007 database performance? My Access 2007 database is very slow, How to improve it? and many more. Here I will discuss about “how to speed up the performance of your Access 2007 database” throughout the article.

There are several ways to speed up your Access 2007 database performance; most of them are discussed bellow:
  • Split your database into two part of database
  • Frequently compact your database to reclaim free space
  • Try to reduce the size of graphics used in your database
  • Run Access table analyzer tool
Split your database into tow parts of database: You can improve the performance of your Access database by splitting your database into two parts, back end database & front end database. The back end database contains table and stored at the file server while front end database contains all the information regarding forms, queries, modules & macros and linked with back end table. You can split database by manually or with the help of database splitter tool.

Note: To split a database, you have to create two blank Access 2007 database, one for back end database and another for front end database and make sure backup your database before doing anything.

Frequently compact your database to reclaim free space: Compacting of a database makes the database faster. It is recommended that all database administrators should compact their database on regular interval.

Try to reduce the size of graphics used in your database: If you have used graphics in your forms or reports. Access 2007 has ability to manage the graphics into much smaller PNG formats to reduce the size of Access 2007 database. It does not affect the quality your forms & reports. To activate it, follow these steps:
  • Goto the Access 2007 option button & click it
  • Choose your current database
  • Goto the bottom and select application option
  • Set the picture property storage format to preserve source image format
Run Access Table Analyzer Tool: Table analyzer tool helps in normalization of data in your table. It breaks a single table into two tables; first table contains your data while second table contains repeated or improperly structured data. You can have this tool from analyze menu.

If you will performed all the above methods on your database then the performance of your Access 2007 database will surely improved.

Comment: Do you know another way to improve the performance of Access 2007 database? You can share with me through comment. I always welcome your comment.

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