Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Professional database recovery utilities available to repair and restore corrupt SharePoint Server

Microsoft SharePoint is a web based platform, which is aimed at secure content manage among a specified group of persons. This innovation of Microsoft has a much broader aspect than web technology and can be used to provide a variety of solutions through the web. But, at times the SharePoint server gets corrupt and a he volume of precious data becomes inaccessible. If you encounter any such situations in your SharePoint implementation, you can use any reliable SharePoint database repair utility to repair the corrupt database and regain access to the data in it.

SharePoint is one of the popular products of Microsoft among the corporate, as according to sources around 78% of Fortune 500 firms use SharePoint and the company has already sold more than 36.5 million user licenses. SharePoint has given an easy to use platform for management as well as provisioning of secure intranet portals, websites, extranet portals, social tools, business intelligence, collaboration spaces, enterprise search, system integration, process integration, work-flow automation and many more.

Thus, each SharePoint Server contains huge volumes of valuable data in it. Though more than one organization can implement a SharePoint Server together and can work as a single server firm, SharePoint stores its data in a centralized SQL Server database. Sometimes, this internal SQL Server database gets corrupt and the entire SharePoint Server becomes completely inaccessible. Below are some of the instances of data inaccessibility from a SharePoint database (MDF database):
  • The MDF database file got damaged because of virus/malware infection and thus, became completely inaccessible.
  • The hard drive or the array used for housing the SharePoint Server database has been corrupt and as a result of this the MDF file has become corrupt.
  • Incompatibility or existing bugs in the current version of the SharePoint Server is responsible for MDF file corruption.
In any of the above situations, as the central SQL Server database of the SharePoint Server has got corrupt, no data can be accessed. Microsoft has suggested several command line utilities (DBCC CHECKDB) to repair corrupt SQL Server database and restore the data. But, in case of severe corruption, these utilities even fail to respond. Moreover, there are situations, when you can have abrupt result, following the repairing the database using these command-line utilities.

Hence, it is widely suggested to take the help of any specialized third-party database recovery software to repair SharePoint. These software are developed with many advanced techniques to repair the SharePoint Server and recover the inaccessible data safely. Moreover, with interactive graphical user interfaces, these utilities are simple in use, without much technical assistance.

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