Tuesday, January 24, 2012

An insight into FileMaker database corruption and the possible remedies to overcome data loss

FileMaker is a cross-platform relational database management system that has originated from a DOS application. It is an Apple Macintosh application specifically known for its interactive GUI-based interface that enables users to introduce new elements to their existing layouts, screens or forms in the database. It is much similar to the desktop database applications, but exceeds the storage capacity of most of these products. A FileMaker database typically faces corruption due to virus infection, hardware errors, abnormal system shutdown, etc. As a consequence, you lose access to all the valuable data stored in the database. To resolve this problem, you need to go for FileMaker pro database recovery through a trusted third-party tool.

Let's assume a real time scenario. Suppose you are a database administrator. When you try to import your FileMaker database into an excel sheet, you may encounter the below given error on your screen:

"FileMaker Pro Error: Object not found" 

Causes: The above error may occur if you perform the following course of actions:
  • On the ‘Data’ menu, you select ‘Get External Data’.
  • You click ‘Import form FileMaker Pro’.
  • You get all the data to a worksheet.
You can only import records up to a multiple of 500 rows. If you try to import records beyond that multiple of 500, you will receive the above specified error.

Resolution: To resolve this issue, you may try exporting the file as a text file and then using it in MS Excel:
  • Start FileMaker Pro and open the database that you wish to import into Excel.
  • Go to ‘File’ menu and select ‘Export Records’.
  • A dialog box appears. In the ‘Type’ section, click ‘Tab-Separated Text’ or ‘Comma-Separated Text’. Now, specify a new name and click ‘Save’.
  • Another dialog box appears. Choose the individual fields you need to export and then click ‘Export’.
  • Try to open the saved text file in MS Excel.
If the problem still persists, take help of a competent FileMaker repair tool. These third-party software are proficient in safely repairing corrupt FileMaker databases and retrieving precious tables and other valuable information in the database. Moreover, they support all Mac-Intel based computers with Mac OS X 10.5 and above.


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