Thursday, December 29, 2011

SQL server Error Messages & their Solutions

When MS SQL server 2000 founds any problem with the database then it writes a message from the system table to SQL server error log or sends a message to the database administrator depending upon the security level. An error message is combination of four information that is message number, security level, error state number and message. Message number identifies the error message, security level denotes the type of problem, state number denotes the source of problem while message suggest the problem and possible solution.

For detail information about error message, we will take an example. Suppose you try to access a table that is not exist in the SQL server database then MS SQL server 2000 database generates an error message.

Select * FROM Database Employee, in this example database administrator is trying the access Database employee table but Database employee table is not exist in the database then SQL server generates below error message

Server: Msg 208, Level 16, State 1
Invalid object name 'stellar employee' 

 Cause for Error Message: There are several causes for appearing error message in the SQL server database, some of them are virus attack, hardware problem, automatic system shutdown, user related problem, wrong SQL server syntax, insufficient space, log related problem and many more. Each cause generates unique error message with detail description about the error and suggested solution. Suggested solution helps for resolving the error message but sometime, it is not enough to solve the problem.

How to Fix Error Message: As we know that every solution depends upon the type of problem. If SQL server generates error message due to wrong syntax then correct the syntax and fix the problem. Most of the errors messages in the SQL server database are appear due to virus attack or power failure problem. If you have updated backup for the affected database then restore from it. In case, there is no any backup you should try any third party MDF file repair software. MDF repair software uses advanced scanning algorithm to scan and repair corrupt SQL server database.


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