Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Features of FileMaker Pro database & FileMaker Recovery

FileMaker is a cross platform relational database management system designed for Mac & Windows by FileMaker Inc. It offers an advanced graphical user interface that help in modification of database layout. Database administrator can drag new element to the database with the help of GUI. Some FileMaker versions are FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Pro Advanced, FileMaker server, FileMaker Server Advanced. Recently FileMaker Inc. has developed FileMaker Go for iPhone & iPad.

FileMaker Pro Starter Solutions: FileMaker Pro database comes with 30 build-in starter solutions that help to design database more professionally. You can design your important tasks in a minute by using of these starter solutions. Some of the starter solutions are as follows:

Contact Management: Manage your contact details with this feature. As you know that a good contact management always saves time & effort to retrieve data or records.

Manage Inventory Details: It is the best option for personal as well as for business users. You can easily manage your inventory details like price of product, product availability, pictures of products and many more.

Manage To Do List: Personally i like this feature most because it helps me to manage my to do list very efficiently. You can also organize your project to do list and work associated with it. It also helps in managing the priority of work, like low, medium, and high priority.

FileMaker Pro Corrupt, What to Do? FileMaker Pro database gets corrupt of damaged due to several reasons like virus attack, hardware problem, unexpected system shutdown and many more. You can restore corrupt database from updated backup. If you don't have backup of database then you have to recover corrupt database.

How to Recover? FileMaker Pro database offers an in-build utility for FileMaker database recovery that recover corrupt FileMaker database. For this go to the File Menu and click on the Recover button to recover.


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