Wednesday, April 24, 2013

How to recover SharePoint database when STSADM MergeContentDBs cause corruption

STSADM MergeContentDBs command allows users to move a site collection from one content database to another. You have to specify the source and destination parameter properly. In some situations, STSADM MergeContentDBs command fails to work properly and cause database corruption. Due to failure of this command both source and destination database may also got damaged. STSADM MergeContentDBs command fails when there is high load on SQL Server or high user traffic. When you run this command on database whose size is larger than 10GB then also there are high chances of database corruption.

To resolve the issue, keep following points in mind while using  STSADM MergeContentDBs command:
  1. Make sure to backup the source and destination database before using the  STSADM MergeContentDBs command
  2. Do not cancel the operation in middle of server that is running SQL Server.
  3. Since  STSADM MergeContentDBs command put extra load on server that is running SQL Server so using it during non production hours.
The above steps are basically prevention steps that will help you in avoiding corruption when next time you use this command but if your database already got corrupted due to failure of  STSADM MergeContentDBs command then you can try a good third party SharePoint recovery software. There are many professional third party tools available online that can easily repair damaged SharePoint database and also provides free demo version.

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