Thursday, February 7, 2013

Is it worth upgrading to SharePoint 2013?

There is so much confusing among SharePoint users about whether they should upgrade to the  latest version or not. It is obvious to get confused when a newer version comes with so many new and enhanced features. Most people rush to upgrade Technology without even considering the benefits and limitation of it. Before you upgrade to new technology always ask yourself “Does it help my business?” Because at the end of the day the ultimate goal of you business is to increase the productivity. So here I have listed SharePoint 2013 features that will help in improving the productivity of your business.

Social Enhancements: There is so much improvement in social features of SharePoint. Some of the awesome features are micro blogs, news feed, community sites, Likes, Follow etc. Now you can follow people, documents, sites and stay updated about activities of your colleagues. SharePoint has also added forums, where you can discuss any topic with other people of your organization.

Designer Manager: SharePoint has added an entirely new feature that allows you to easily design your website. You can create different master page for each channel. Using designer manager you can easily manage master pages, templates, Composed Looks etc. You can even create your page in Dreamviewer and upload it to SharePoint. Designer Manager also allows you to create master pages for different channels like iphone, ipad etc.

Document Management: Sharepoint 2013 has provided many features to reduce the complexity of managing documents. You can easily perform any task by just drag & drop. Some of its features include:

  • You can simply drag and drop your files into document library.
  • It allows sharing of documents much easier by identifying with whom the document is being shared.
  • Show preview of Office documents.

Simplified storage of documents: In SharePoint all the documents are stored in MySite instead of any local storage area. So it is easy to share document with other people. Although this feature is also available in previous version of SharePoint but in SharePoint 2013 it is much easier to save documents in MySite. In fact MySite is the default location for storing documents in SP 13. And the best part is that you can access your documents from MySite, even when the server is unavailable.

Fast Search: Search is the most important part of Sharepoint. In SP 13, Microsoft has incorporated the fastest search engines. Some of the features include:

  • You can easily search newsfeeds and videos.
  • Your contents get update continuously because of fast crawlers.
  • PDF support on indexing.
So now  I hope you can easily decide that whether you should upgrade to SharePoint 2013 or not.

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