Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Prevent Microsoft Access Database from Corruption

MS Access is a tool for creating and managing database. It is prone to corruption because of various reasons like unexpected system shut down, malfunctioning of MS office, power failure, faulty network device, virus infection and many more. If your database gets corrupted, you may lose all your precious data so it’s better to take prevention because prevention is always better than cure. You can take following steps to prevent or limit Access database corruption.

Close the database properly:  After completing your task, close the application properly. Use Exit command for closing database. Never use Ctrl + Alt + Del command to exit database because it can corrupt the database.

Don't use cheap hardware: Always use high quality hardware, hubs for your PC because even a slightest problem in your network connection and packet loss can cause your database corrupt.

Proper power supply: During database writes avoid losing power because writing to database is error prone and it can left your database in suspect mode.

Close connection properly: Make sure to close connection, once you have done with your work because leaving connection open can cause unexpected drooped connection.

Split the database into font end & back end: You can easily avoid corruption by splitting your database in front and back end. Store form, queries, reports in frontend and database table at backend. Doing this will prevent corruption if you need to share data among multiple user. What you can do is place a copy of front end at each user computer and back end with data table is placed in a shared folder on the network. Now the only information that needs to traverse the network is data table. This means that now very less data has to be dragged around the network and exposed to corruption.

Compact & Repair utility: It is an inbuilt utility in MS Access and should use regularly to avoid corruption.

Close all ADO and DAO objects: Close all ADO and DAO objects while programming.

If you follow above steps then you can avoid 90% corruption but if even after taking prevention your data still gets corrupt then you need an third party tool to recover your data. Use Stellar Phoenix Access Recovery to repair your data. It is a powerful tool to repair corrupt Access database files (mdb & accdb).

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