Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Oracle recovery software to deal with severe database corruption

Sometimes, the Oracle database fails to mount and therefore all the data in the database becomes completely inaccessible. The reason can be a possible corruption to the database files because of any virus/malware attack, file system corruption, bad block allocation or any other problem in the structure of the database etc. Whatever be the reason, you need to point out the error location and try to repair Oracle database to get back your precious data. For this, you can take the help of any Oracle recovery software to repair and retrieve various inaccessible database objects.

You were working on some of the tables of your Oracle database and all of a sudden the system shut-down following an power outage. After that, when you tried to mount the database, you failed with a error message on the screen. The message that you received, can be read as below:

“DBV-00200: Block, dba 4289132, already marked corrupted
DBV-00200: Block, dba 4309228, already marked corrupted”

Cause: Though there can be a number of possible reasons behind the occurrence of the error, the most probable cause can be the allocation of a bad block to an Oracle database. Apart from this, the reason may be a serious damage to the database structure because of the power outage.

Resolution: In order to overcome the problem and gain access to your precious database files, you need to look into your backup server for any recent updated backup. You can restore the Oracle database from the valid backup. However, if the backup is old or could not be restored, then, the only way to bring the data back is to run any third-party Oracle database recovery software.

These recovery utilities are developed with innovative search algorithms to repair the troubled Oracle database and recover the views, tables, stored procedures, containers etc. with their original format being intact. Apart from this, these software are completely read-only in their operations and recover dbf without any alteration.

Stellar Phoenix Oracle Database Recovery is an advanced utility to repair the damaged Oracle database and recover various objects (tables, clusters, indexes, procedures. Containers, user defined functions, packages, package body etc.) efficiently. The software works on the files created with Oracle 9i, 10g, 11 g and is compatible with Windows Server 2003, XP. This wonderful Oracle recovery utility provides preview of all the recoverable files and offers you to recover selectively. With attractive graphical user interface and detailed instructions for each step, the software provides an absolute ease of usage.

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