Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Access Database corruption Post Software Conflicts

A program that is installed in your system to interact with host application and perform a specific function is known as a Plug-in, Snap-in, or Add-in. MS Access users use this program to add custom commands and specialized features to save and maintain their database effectively. While installing a plug-in provides lots of benefits, incorrect or incomplete installation can also result into corruption of MS Access database. In such situations, you receive an error message that stops you from accessing the records stored in the database. For systematic access of your database records, a standard way is to restore the records from an updated backup. But, in absence of an updated backup or backup falling short to restore the required data, you will need to opt for an advanced third-party Access Recovery software.

To illustrate this, consider an example where you install a new third party plug-in to improve the performance of MS Access. However, after installing the plug-in, when you attempt to view the records saved in the database, they become inaccessible. Furthermore you also encounter an error message stating the cause for inaccessibility of database records.


Few main reasons for the inaccessibility of database records are discussed below:

* Installing a faulty plug-in.
* Improper installation of a plug-in.
* Incomplete installation of a plug-in


To resolve the above error message and to access the database records, you will need to repair the corrupted database using the inbuilt repair utility known as “Compact and Repair”. While the repair utility completely repairs your corrupted database in most of the situations, it fails to repair under below two situations:

* Access database is too large
* Access database is badly corrupted or damaged

If your database remains corrupted due to any of the above situations, then you will need to use a powerful Access Recovery application to repair your database. Such utilities use high end scanning mechanisms to repair your database after any kind of logical crash. These Access Database Repair tools are completely non-destructive in nature and ensure safe recovery of database components.

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